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The original

Nothing but the best for your voice.

LAXVOX®-explained-by-Stephanie-A.-Kruse-voice-bubbelen-blubbern-Daily-self-care-for-your voice-stimmuebung-thomas-lascheit-shop

The original

Nothing but the best for your voice.

This is LAX VOX®

LAX VOX® is the exercise that cares for, regenerates, and trains your voice.

What is LAX VOX®?

LAX VOX® is a simple, fast, and effective voice exercise. LAX VOX® is ideal for daily voice care and relaxing. It optimises your voice training and promotes regeneration when you are hoarse or struggling with voice fatigue and voice disorders.

How does LAX VOX® work?

What you need is the original LAX VOX®tube and a vessel filled with water. By making sounds into the tube th water starts to bubble. You will feel and hear an improvement after two to three minutes, leaving your voice warmed up, optimally tuned, and perfectly prepared for the vocal tasks ahead.

Who invented it?

LAX VOX® was developed by the Finnish Speech Pathologist Marketta Sihvo around the year 1990. She used LAX VOX® for voice care and to treat voice disorders. Marketta shares her thoughts on LAX VOX® in her book LAX VOX® ‘History of the LAX VOX®-tube exercise’.. Marketta Sihvo, together with Ilter Denizoglu and Stephanie A. Kruse, is the owner of the EU trademark LAX VOX® .

Is LAX VOX® for me?

Yes, because LAX VOX® is good for any voice. LAX VOX® is used by singers, actors, professional speakers, teachers, etc. and by both adults and children. It is used in voice, speech, and breathing therapy as well as in vocal and speech training.

What effect does LAX VOX® have?

The bubbling water causes a noticeable vibration in the mouth and throat, which acts like a massage on the muscles and mucous membranes. The muscles relax and the mucous membranes regenerate. Creating sounds against the resistance of the water causes a pressure adjustment that makes it easier for the vocal folds to vibrate more efficiently, creating a clear, full, and effortlessly produced vocal sound. We explain the physics behind LAX VOX® in detail in our LAX VOX®workshops.

LAX VOX® – more than just bubbles?

LAX VOX® is based on a comprehensive philosophy, a didactic concept, and a scientifically supported effect. We never stop learning and take part in professional development courses with some of the world’s leading voice researchers so that we can pass the latest research on to you in our workshops. From these, we develop exercises and materials with which you can use LAX VOX® in an even more targeted way. Feeling curious? Visit our workshops and learn how LAX VOX® is about so much more than just bubbles.

What you need

The original LAX VOX® tube:

Nothing but the best for your voice

  • Material: the original LAX VOX® tube is made from 100% medical grade platinum-cured silicone and is biocompatible according to USP Class VI. USP Class VI.
  • 100% free from harmful substances.
  • „Made in Germany“
  • Dimensions: it is made in accordance with the measurements specified by its inventor Marketta Sihvo: 35 cm in length, 1 cm in diameter, 2 mm wall thickness.
  • Markings: the original LAX VOX® tube carries the LAX VOX® logo and six markings at the lower end of the tube.
    These serve to control the depth of the tube in the water and help users keep the tube in the optimal place.
The vessel
  • The vessel can be a glass, a 0.5-litre bottle, or a bowl. Fill the vessel almost halfway with still, clear water.
    Especially in times of COVID-19, we recommend using a vessel that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Original with the LAX VOX® logo & markings


That's how it works

1. Get comfortable.

Either sit or stand and adopt a comfortable posture.

2. Dip the tube into the water.

Put one end of the tube in your mouth and dip the end with the markings into the water, up to the second marking (2 cm).

3. Make an OOO sound into the tube.

Put one end of the tube in your mouth and dip the end with the markings into the water, up to the second marking (2 cm). The water starts to bubble, and you feel the vibration it causes in your mouth and throat.

4. Enjoy.

Enjoy the vibration. Close your lips completely around the tube, but without exerting pressure. Your jaw is relaxed and your cheeks are as loose as possible. Allow your cheeks to quiver as well. Your tongue lies relaxed at the base of your mouth. Laxvox comfortably for two to three minutes.

5. Play with your voice.

Play with your pitch during this time. Maintain the same note for a little while, then change to softly gliding notes or simple tunes. Play with long and short sounds.

6. How are you now?

Slowly remove the tube from your mouth and speak or sing. Your voice feels lighter and sounds clearer now.

How often and for how long?

Laxvox 3-5 times a day for 2-5 minutes each time. A few short sessions a day are better than one long one.


What do I need to be aware of?

If your cheeks are ‘bubbling’ along and it feels comfortable, you know you are doing it right. The LAX VOX® effects start as soon as the tube is dipped into the water even slightly. There is no need to submerge it particularly much, blow into it very hard, or to laxvox particularly loudly for the exercise to be more effective. On the contrary. Make sure you are comfortable. Experiment by submerging the tube a little more or less, changing the pitch and the volume of air, and find out what best promotes your goals for your voice.

For more information, please download the exercise instructions in the form
of our official flyer free of charge.



We are sorry, but currently we only offer our workshops in German and Dutch. Please check back soon. We are working on it.

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Welcome to Leni Lioness’s world of sound

“‘Well roared, little lioness – How Leni found her voice again’”

a German children’s book based on an idea by Thomas Lascheit with words by Stephanie A. Kruse & illustrations by Alin Golbs,
ToLa UG, 2019

Young and Old set out on a journey with Leni Lioness as she discovers a new, exciting world – and her voice along the way. Lovely illustrations, a melodious narrative, and funny protagonists invite you to join in and try things out.

Promoting awareness of one’s own voice plays a central role, particularly in voice work with children. This story opens up the space for experiencing one’s own voice in a non-judgemental,

This story opens up the space for experiencing one’s own voice in a non-judgemental, loving, and playful way. Nothing is out of bounds. Sing, dance, shout, and find out what you can do with your voice. Leni Lioness is the perfect companion for voice therapy and vocal pedagogy, but also as a read-aloud story to enjoy at home.

Here, you will also find free material to accompany the book and for doing voice work with children. We wish you lots of fun and a loud and joyful ‘roar’.


ROOOAAAR! Willkommen in der Welt von Leni Löwe
Colouring picture
ROOOAAAR! Willkommen in der Welt von Leni Löwe
ROOOAAAR! Willkommen in der Welt von Leni Löwe

LAX VOX® - Stories to bubble along to

The ‘LAX VOX® stories to bubble along to’

developed and drawn by Gabriele Wohlgemuth, backed up by Stephanie A. Kruse with her technical expertise

The ‘LAX VOX® stories to bubble along to’ are creative exercise materials for children aged between approx. 3-14 years. They are a basis to design LAX VOX® exercise units in voice work (e.g., in voice therapy, singing lessons, choir work, voice care, or music lessons).

t makes laxvoxing even more fun. Immerse yourself in the world of story:
what voice do you think Jerry the dog has? How do you bubble a bark? What sound does Sally Salmon make and can we make her swim really fast? Can you bubble as slowly as the little snail slithers?

In our shop for LAX VOX®️ products you will find many different stories and new ones are added regularly.


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If you have any questions about LAX VOX® products or your order, the LAX VOX® service team will be happy to help on weekdays from 9 am to 1 pm.
Stephanie A. Kruse is there to answer any technical questions you may have.